One of the most common conditions that people experience on a global scale is hair loss. People at a young age have been observed complaining about their hair turning grey and becoming bald. Homeopathic medicine focuses on accelerating the body’s natural healing process. Hair loss can be treated and stopped with a number of homoeopathic remedies. Let’s discuss the common causes of hair fall before learning about the remedies.

  • The major causes of hair fall are:
  • 1. Genetics
    2. Inappropriate Nutrition
    3. Hormonal Changes
    4. Stress
    5. Thyroid
    6. Lack of Vitamin D
    7. Pregnancy

  • Homeopathy Treatments for Hair Loss
  • Homeopathic remedies not only address the symptoms of the disease, it also heal the patient internally. It is very necessary in the case of hair fall treatment. As a result, homoeopathic medicine employs a comprehensive approach that is powerful and long-lasting. Everyone is treated differently by homoeopathy for hair loss, and the course of treatment is chosen based on a personal evaluation. The Top 5

  • Homeopathic Medicines for Hair Loss and Regrowth
  • 1. Natrum Muriaticum
    This medication is made from table salt or sodium chloride. This medication is used to treat hair loss due to skin conditions, dandruff, menstrual irregularities, or dry crusts on the scalp. This medication is extremely helpful if your hair loss is caused by any hormonal imbalance. This is frequently advised for expressive and sensitive people.
    2. Phosphorus
    This is another effective homoeopathic medication to boost hair growth. It encourages hair growth in areas where a lot of hair is lost at once. This is also advised for those who experience hair loss due to minor scalp issues or dandruff.
    3. Kali Sulphuricum
    This homoeopathic medicine is available in pill and liquid forms. This remedy is also fruitful in treating dandruff-related hair loss. The sulphur in this medication is great for improving general hair growth. But limit its use to no more than twice a day. Also, don’t use this medication continuously for longer than two weeks.
    4. Graphites
    This homoeopathic remedy may be your best option if you have patchy baldness on your head or hair falling from the sides. As a result of excessive humidity, you can get tiny breakouts on your head and an itchy scalp. Hair loss could happen due to this. This medication treats these issues and stops hair fall.
    5. Silicea
    Experts frequently recommend this homoeopathic medication for hair loss. Sandstone and human tissues were used to make this medicine. This medication gives your hair total nourishment. It strengthens the hair, eliminates dryness, and enhances hair growth. One of the 12 tissue cell salts used in homoeopathy is Silicea.

  • Additional Tips to Prevent Hair Loss
  • 1. Follow a diet high in protein to stop hair loss. Incorporate green vegetables and fresh fruits into your daily diet.
    2. Utilize organic components like amla and shikakai.
    3. Get enough sleep every night (at least 8 hours a day).
    4. At least three times every week, spend at least 30 minutes working out.
    5. Massage your scalp to boost hair growth.

    Now that you have enough knowledge about homoeopathic remedies for hair fall, you must know that before utilising these medications, consult with a doctor who can prescribe the best-suited remedies that are most appropriate according to your symptoms.
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