Facilities & Manufacturing Process

National Homoeo Laboratories follow the conventional Hahnemannian process where the Homeopathic medicines are made of the chemicals obtained from various sources like herbs, plants, roots, animals & chemical synthesis. These chemicals are used to prepare the Mother Tincture. The whole process can be drafted in the following steps:

Step 1

Gathering & selection of
Raw materials

Step 2

Trituration of insoluble
raw materials

Step 3

Preparation of liquid

Step 4

Packaging & marketing

Manufacturing Sections


The best quality raw materials are purchased & stored in the inventory. These raw materials are tested & after being approved by the Testing laboratory, these are sent to prepare the mother tincture. The testing of the raw materials are carried out according to the guideline prescribed by HPI (Homeopathic Pharamacopeia of India).

Mother Tincture Preparation

The tested & approved raw materials are either dissolved or fine chopped & immersed in a mixture of water & alcohol. This mixture is left for 21 days. After the specified time, the mother tincture is preserved in dark coloured bottles & sent to mother tincture filling section as per requirement.

Mother Tincture Filling Section

In this section, mother tincture solutions are filtered & put in the bottles.

Dilution Section

In dilution section back potencies are mixed to alcohol to prepare medicines of required strength / potency. The prepared remedies are then filled in the bottles after required strokes, as per Hahnemanian Theory.

Tablet Section

Biochemical tablets are prepared in this section. Here, the raw materials are mixed and then dried. After drying, the mixture is granulated & sent to tablet punching machine to prepare the use-able tablets.

Ointment & Lotion Section

In this section the raw materials of ointments are first mixed & then filled.

Patent Section

The medicines are labelled & marked in this section.

Demineralised Water Section

This is the source of all the water used in the preparation of the remedies. The water is demineralised in this section.

R&D & Testing Lab

In this laboratory, raw materials are tested as per HPI guideline. This lab also performs the tests of the alcohol content, pH level, Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) level & Lamda Max (UV Ray) test of the Mother Tincture.

Bottle Washing Section

The right treatment of the bottles that contain the medicines is a basic necessity. The bottles are first put in a rotary machine & then water is sprayed into the bottles to clean them downright. The bottles are then sent to the manufacturing units.

Packing Section

All the products & orders are finally packed in the packing section.

Handling of the alcohol occurs in the presence of the Government officials in the Bonded Laboratory Section. Well Trained & experienced workers keep their eyes over the entire process to ensure the quality & eminence of the Medicines.

The foremost points that guarantees the superiority of the products of the company are:

  • Genuine Back Potencies are used
  • Millipore Filtered Mother Tinctures used
  • Double distilled spirit used
  • Following the authentic Hahnemannian Theory of Potentisation
  • Dust free environment with class A Air Handling Unit
  • Neutral Glass bottles are used for all products