History & Legacy


About Us

National Homoeo Laboratory, the six decade old Homeopathic remedy manufacturing company is a popular name among the Homeopathic physicians, distributors, other companies & the consumers. The company excels in preparing the Mother Tincture & Potentised Dilutions – the two main constituents of Homeopathic medicines & these products of the company are considered to be one of the best in India. With a long experience in this business, the products of this company attains an unparalleled quality.

Quality Control

With the traditional Hahnemannian process of medicine manufacturing mixed with the researches of the company – provides in India, World class Homeopathic medicines. The Quality control team of the company ensures that the products meet the ‘World Standard’. The company does not compromise with the quality control – the entire factory area is dust free with Class A Air Handling Unit, automated machines in required places & strict safety measures in the parts, where works are carried out manually.

Late Sri Usha Ranjan Sinha Roy

Late Sri Ranjit Sinha Roy

Mr Biswajit Sinha Roy

Past & the present

It all started six decades back, with one man in a small room in a Kolkata by-lane. Mr Usha Ranjan Sinha Roy started manufacturing Homeopathic Globules in the late 1950s. That small arrangement has flourished as one of the finest companies in India under the accomplished leadership of Mr Ranjit Sinha Roy (son of Usha Ranjan Sinha Roy) & its current head Mr Biswajit Sinha Roy.


National has the certification of ISO 9001:2000. They have also acquired the GMP certificate – the ultimate quality standard in medicine. The company organises Homeopathic Doctor’s conference at different venues for the betterment of homeopathic practices & research.